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Your Next Arizona Governor

Solutions, Not Politics

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Education in Arizona is Not Working

So, what are we to do about this?  Given the current or foreseeable trajectory, the answer is … nothing!   Sure, politicians throw a few bucks at something, start a “program”, do this and do that and we feel better for a while.  Every day, we kick the can a little...

Small Business and Innovation

This country was founded on individualism and freedom.  Free for a single creative person with initiative to build and sell a better mousetrap.  This entrepreneurial spirit has enabled this country to lead the world in innovation that has generated our economic...

Chip In Real Life

I was born and raised in a small very rural village that is a stereotypical conservative Normal Rockwell environment both environmentally and culturally.  My father was a plant engineer at a factory.  I was raised largely by my mother’s family, a lineage of dairy...


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