This country was founded on individualism and freedom.  Free for a single creative person with initiative to build and sell a better mousetrap.  This entrepreneurial spirit has enabled this country to lead the world in innovation that has generated our economic superiority and bestowed great benefits to all of mankind for over a century.  While we cherish large business, it is the small businesses that can quickly blossom with advancements that grow high-wage jobs exponentially.

Recognizing the potential of these small businesses to yield great rewards for the State, we must create a world-leading incubator.  That means providing a physical, intellectual and logistical environment that will enable such firms to explode with success.

I am not speaking of giving grants to someone that wants to open a restaurant and hire low-wage employees.  We need firms that can take an idea and rapidly sell it around the world in leading-edge applications.  I propose creating an incubator campus environment with every State resource serving to remove obstacles and fuel fast-track achievement.

Not just focusing on one discipline such as biotechnology, we must enable lines of opportunity in all directions.  The intellectual resources of our universities will be channeled to the effort as partnered enablers.  We must think young with the stars as the limit.

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