So, what are we to do about this?  Given the current or foreseeable trajectory, the answer is … nothing!   Sure, politicians throw a few bucks at something, start a “program”, do this and do that and we feel better for a while.  Every day, we kick the can a little further down the road.  But with no significant results, the losers are our children.

Why don’t we get results when they should be so achievable?  For starters, the public hasn’t demanded it, so shame on us.  Second, any real effort to make progress inevitably meets the forceful objection of some special interest group, thus jeopardizing precious campaign contributions. Soon enough, an effort arises to assassinate the character of any politician who is trying to do the right thing.  Because of this political climate, neither political party will allow one of its members to vilify the party by rocking the boat.

To produce true results that improve education, it will require an executive who has a determination of steel, does not answer to either party and will not settle for anything but success, regardless of the political “cost.”  Period.

The results of my plan for education as Governor

  1. In 5 years – Arizona will rank in the top 10 states by recognized standards of academic measure.
  2. In 10 years – Arizona will rank in the top 5 states.
  3. Prosperous, cutting edge industries will flock to Arizona for its cultivated intellectual environment and the availability of a superior-quality, competitive workforce.
  4. The rising tide of Arizona’s competitive population will “float the boats” of all our citizens who strive to excel, thus enabling them to live the American Dream.
  5. Failure to achieve excellence in education will not be an option.

My Results Plan For Education Superiority – Welcome to the Revolution

Doing nips and tucks on our education system will not change outcomes.  Nor will “new” (or re-packaged) programs, designed to chart a different course, produce the results we now need.  Only a radical paradigm leap will truly reform the outcomes of our educational system and elevate the children of our state to a competitive advantage.  To those willing to fight for anything beyond the miserable status quo, I ask for you to get on board and be part of the success.  Those who settle for less must get out of the way.  Unfortunately, there will continue to be monumental forces resisting the successful education of our children.  But at the end of the day, citizens of Arizona need to ask themselves, “Which do I want, happy special interest groups and pitiful education, or angry special interests and children who are prepared to successfully meet the challenges of the future?”  Once you personally have answered that question, look a child in the eye, and tell them that you have decided to vote for their success.  Citizens of Arizona, join this campaign to overcome those special-interest forces, and together we will shine a bright light on our children’s futures.

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